I am curious, enthusiastic, friendly, energetic, and fun loving person who constantly seek meaning to what I do. I am unconventional, immaterial, and is seldom impressed by authority and rules. I believe that nothing is impossible and I enjoy dealing with possibilities and ideas. I don't like to focus my attention only on one thing like schoolwork or chores. I usually have many friends and keep most of them for life. I am perceptive, insightful, and emphatic. I can usually sense other people's hidden motives, and can also convince people to do anything for me. I am a procrastinator who have difficulty making decisions and dislike working alone. Any decision I make will most likely be based on my strong personal values. I am warm, caring, and concerned person but also very sensitive and will take things personally. I am deeply committed to my friends and will sacrifice my own needs for them. I am usually very cheerful, but withdrawn when hurt or overwhelmed. I love being around people and will talk to and feel sympathy for most everyone. When I speak, I use many metaphors and humor and speak very quickly. I also use words that would motivate different people. In dress, I usually have an original, arty style and dress only to please myself. I am very sensitive and sentimental, with unique insights which I generally only share with a few close friends. I am optimistic and can see people's potential for caring and work to bring it out. I have great faith in my abilities to identify with people, and is often asked to help solve other people's problems.

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